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Super Mario Claus Super Mario Claus

Rated 4 / 5 stars


The voice acting is really good and the animation goes really good with it. The final screen spells "Christmas" "Crhistmas". I wish this was a little big longer its so quick. Great job though!

combat chaos 2 combat chaos 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

I can't tell you how happy I am that you're using your own artwork instead of just stealing... Its good artwork and animation and the sounds are decent. It just bothers me that he just avoids every shot by like... moving his head a little. You gotta have him using shields and tables and bodies to block bullets. Other than that (and the obvious lack of some kind of objective for the main character) this is on its way to being interesting, in my opinion.
I'm going to assume that because it ended so abruptly that it is unfinished, so good luck finishing it. :)

Unknown Escape Unknown Escape

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Quite good, especially for being a "first". Only problem I have with it is that it restarts by itself, and the music plays over itself (after it restarts). It should have a "end screen" with a restart button (that also stops all sound).
The "story" was told nicely, easy to keep up with and understand. Animation was a little slow, but good. Music was fitting. So fitting, that the animation was probably made for the music, no? :P
Keep going!

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Breaking-Moon responds:

Wow thanks. I was thinking my first comment would be very negative.

Anyways my reply is:
1. i was planning to place a button on it today, but didn't have the time and it didn't occur to me to place the start button that newgrounds provides. That completely slipped my mind. I will try to do that next week in class.

2. Thanks! the story was thought up as i went along.

3. Yes the music was suppose to go with the animation and i just completely forgot about cutting the music at the end.

So thanks again for your constructive comment and i really hope the next would be a lot like yours, but I highly doubt that. haha

Recent Game Reviews

Theme Hotel Theme Hotel

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a pretty fun little game. Has good options and kinda cute graphics.
When I moved my restaurants around it told me I didn't have waiters for them. I was confused, because I didnt fire them. I thought "whatever" and hired more. I later investigated and found one of my restaurants had like 10 waiters in it! So it just takes them a minute to get to the new restaurant location...
I 326 guests and $4M by 2035, I know that's probably slow.
I was frustrated with the guests complaining about the ELEVATORS for a while, but discovered the best way to do it is to make chains of three. So build like this: place shaft, up up, right up up, left up up, right up up, and so on, in a zig-zag or a chain or whatever. It's actually slower this way for them to get around, but it makes them stop complaining because they don't have to wait for an elevator.
Also I recommend the pools, they cost little to maintain and people pay tons of money to use them.

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Sonic on Yoshi's Island Sonic on Yoshi's Island

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I think its a good game...

... even though it's a static (motionless) platformer (with one exceptional level) with a few obvious glitches. A couple I'm not sure you have found yet are as follows. Director's Cut: Stage 1, there is a large orange brick wall like half-way in. For some reason you cant collect the rings above it. Original Version, jumping sound executes when you press Enter, but to jump is Space. :P
I'm glad the end-game glitch is fixed. :)
I collected all the rings (except for those I mentioned)!! And found the bonus stages. 8D

sal3302 responds:

I still can't believe I overlooked those rings in the beginning. I want too add scrolling backgrounds in my game so that everything isn't so static, but I am curious to know which level was "exceptional" lol.
I was inexperienced when I made the original game when I was 12, I just made pressing the enter button play the jump sounds (that was the original jump button). I could spend an afternoon going back and erasing that command from every level, but your the only one who has said anything so I hope noone else notices lol.
Thanks for playing and completing the game 100%

Polygon Racer 3D Polygon Racer 3D

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game!

I love the wireframe graphics, the cool sounds and the music is really cool and suits it well.
I live in Ohio and I wish the roads were that smooth!! lol
Pennsylvania is sooo hard. Its like impossible to pass someone on a two lane road during a turn, and the course is very turny. So you have to go to the other side but you cant because the center is almost never clear of trees or poles.
New York is kind of like a road mosh pit. I just bent fenders the whole way through it! I pushed the same guy like half-way! XD
Maine... do they really have roads that crazy up there? O_o Glad theres no traffic cuz that level would be impossible!!
We're racing in the USA, but we have a KPH meter in our car?
I kind of wish there were more graphical differences for different places. The backgrounds were really cool, but... that was kind of all that was different. I'm gonna favorite this. I learned from this game that driving is easier out west! lol

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