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Entry #8

NG Auras

2012-02-21 15:19:27 by ArcDusky

GREEN Audiophile
GREEN Musician
BLUE Game Developer
BLUE Gamer
RED Animator
RED Film Maker
RED Movie Buff
PINK Artist
PINK Art Lover
GREY Blank Slate
PURPLE Melancholy
BLUE Programmer
GREEN Voice Actor
BLUE Writer
BLUE Reader

So even though there are 15 options, there are only 6 colors.

Q: What would you do with $1M?


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2012-02-22 11:57:46

Writer is going to get an aura too. Some day.

Use it to make more $ then build my dream house.


2012-02-25 07:32:48

I'd most certainly try to make more money with this money and with the money that I gain I'd buy whatever I'd really want at the time, while keeping the original 1M.


2012-02-26 21:17:01

Use the $1M to make more money, like the other two, and then donate most of it to animal rescue organizations. You know me.

What would YOU do, Mr. Dusky?

ArcDusky responds:

I don't know what I'd do. I might build a solar power plant. I might move to California and start a restaurant on the coast and use all of my profits to help clean-up the Pacific Trash Vortex.
Or I might just give it to you and back off.


2012-08-16 16:26:46

Thanks for the Auras, With $1M I Think i'll buy The Newgrounds Store!!!


2013-01-18 19:04:38

buy out that greedy bastard Obama